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Just another Planet for Glory (NoU prequel)

2020.09.11 21:36 rednil97 Just another Planet for Glory (NoU prequel)

Since you guys seem to actually enjoy what my sleep deprived thinkmeat came up with, here's a prequel to "No U"
Captain D'Low´rean stood at his console and was not in a good mood. The problem wasn't really the nausea nor the general confusion that came from the recent slipspace jump, but the fact that it could have easily been avoided by using a slightly different S-Drive, but no, some data-pusher decided that this 'slight' discomfort was worth that few percent in efficiency.
It took him a few Tocks [1Tock = 0,5seconds] to regain his senses, and remember that he was the one in charge of this ship.
"System-Tech, status."
"What....? Ahem yes Captain, erm let's see.... ah yes here, all systems seem fine, no hull or structural damage, Comms seem fine, every personell responding, deviation from target just under 5Ruck [ca. 500Km], batteries at 34 percent. Sir", came from a young, less experienced crew member, trying to show as little slip-mind as possible.
"Good job Pilot, bring us down to low orbit. Sensor-Tech, bring up the Cloak. System-Tech, start the generator and open the solars, ETA on full charge? Defense-Tech, warm up the weapons, just in case."
In the blink of one of his four eyes the bridge of the Captain's ship turned to life as several of the crew poked their screens with their claws.
"Will do Captain" "Cloak is loading Sir" "Weapons ready" "Generator is up and solars out,ETA about four local days that's three Lights"
"THREE LIGHTS?? This shouldn't take more than two. Explain!" D'Low´rean was annoyed by the seeming incompetence of his crew, he struggled to keep his hands away from his snout, a gesture highly inappropriate for someone of his standing.
"Sir fuel is low, after half a Light were down to solars"
"Than it will have to do. Tactic-Tech, who are we conquering today, any potential problems?"
"No problems Sir, scouts landed about 50 Melts [100 years] ago, report industrial age, communication by crude radio devices, it will take them at least 800 Melts before they advance to the next stage. Best course of action: Intimidation. I sent the file to your screen." The Captains mood increased significantly. Finally he'll get some action again.
"So an easy victory huh? Good. Sensor-Tech link me up with one of their military channels."
"Transmission starting.... now"


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g240zsv in Hotwife on 19 Aug 20 (1pts):
I'm local, how do I get on the list?
g0h2bpe in Trackdays on 05 Aug 20 (1pts):
I'm interested to hear what he had to say. I am your same dimensions, 6'4, 225 lbs. More limbs than torso, little bit of that middle age paunch. The only thing I've found that fits "well enough" off...
fzixaum in u_PantyNectar on 28 Jul 20 (1pts):
Aw hell. Since you asked nicely. I'm in.
fyfmocn in u_PantyNectar on 18 Jul 20 (1pts):
Oh. so there weren't actually panties under there! Still, I do not feel chated. :)
fyfmih0 in cummedpanties on 18 Jul 20 (1pts):
Username checks out. Also, thanks for sharing!
fxgit47 in screenshots on 09 Jul 20 (-18pts):
The implication is that if you're a cop you give homeless people handcuffs.
fx3siaz in pegging_unkinked on 06 Jul 20 (1pts):
Now THIS is where I was hoping things would go, but only if you hold me gently during.
fwuj9sy in cummedpanties on 03 Jul 20 (2pts):
Well, not with you, in those panties, in that position. Can't say I blame them.
fwhje9v in cummedpanties on 30 Jun 20 (3pts):
I'm most definitely a fan of yours!
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It's like water-boarding, but better in every possible way!
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You're right about grool being a pretty solid sub and groolgw being marginal. What about grooltasting?
fuqj666 in u_Candid_Excuse on 13 Jun 20 (0pts):
grool and groolgonewild
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I feel like he's actually doing it on purpose.
fsmeq2m in u_Secret_Atlas on 02 Jun 20 (5pts):
Thank you for being a genuine human being.
frvrfm4 in HairyPussy on 26 May 20 (1pts):
I keep threatening to crest a sub reddit for hair like this, less than dull bush but more than shaved bald. If I made it, would you be a contributor?
frvoodn in grool on 26 May 20 (7pts):
It's clearly a repost with a link back to the original. I'm not hiding anything, just bringing in some amazing content.
frl5hy9 in AskReddit on 23 May 20 (1pts):
The Yamato battleship is what was "converted for spacefaring use" on the seminal "Star Blazers" cartoon. Star Blazers was the first popular Anime to air in the USA. The sylization was typically...
fq8u8cz in Mensmittenwithkittens on 11 May 20 (3pts):
Interestingly, the human looks like the offspring of Sylvester Stallone.
fprefgn in AskReddit on 07 May 20 (3pts):
I've spent many a fun night drinking at his former hunting cabin in Jolon California, known locally as The Hacienda.
fpj9eh4 in Nudes on 05 May 20 (1pts):
I want to start a subreddit called angelhair, dedicated to this lovely level of personal grooming - not bald and not bushy, but somewhere delightfully in between. If I did, would you be willing to...
fpcmlp1 in pegging_unkinked on 03 May 20 (2pts):
I didn't know I had this kink. Thank you!
fp791c2 in Ratemypussy on 01 May 20 (1pts):
I want to start a subreddit called something like angel hair and feature you in it.
foxcj9q in Scotch on 29 Apr 20 (1pts):
I'm from Oregon. What's this about a price hike?
fowtkjt in MasturbationGoneWild on 29 Apr 20 (1pts):
You should post this in grool
fouruxn in marvelstudios on 28 Apr 20 (1pts):
Did the Russo brothers cam their own movie? Isn't piracy illegal? Sadly this will get lost in the mire as I browse popular, rather than newest.
fom5i6a in whatisthisthing on 26 Apr 20 (1pts):
Similarly, this has also killed miners trying to rescue other miners. Or in the case of Oak Island, treasure hunters.
fo80bk0 in Cringetopia on 22 Apr 20 (-1pts):
Honestly? Because military personell are intentionally brainwashed into becoming the perfect co-dependant in a relationship and a co-dependants favorite relationship is with a narcissist. When a...
fo68uls in AskReddit on 22 Apr 20 (2pts):
I was in Ba'Qubah Iraq in April 2004. Fucking crazy time.
fo5sqxc in AskReddit on 22 Apr 20 (2pts):
This is also why horsepower is actually a function of torque over time. Foot-Lbs per second. Which makes more sense of modern dynamometer charts that automakers love to print in magazines.
fo5rivl in AskReddit on 22 Apr 20 (5pts):
I live in the Pacific Northwest. When we're not in the middle of a global pandemic, is the museum actually open to the public? I'd really like to go see it!
fnw6kuc in tobinedam on 19 Apr 20 (3pts):
Clues include the number 4, and the flowers are referring to hibiscus. I just couldn't get the rest. Oh, I did decode the hex string, but I don't think I had enough data from the other clues to use...
fngg65m in interestingasfuck on 15 Apr 20 (2pts):
It's the moon that wobbles. I'm on mobile so this link is probably going not work right.
fngalio in Damnthatsinteresting on 15 Apr 20 (2pts):
Can confirm, it's perfectly safe to strip the copper cable from an FM antenna.
fms2rra in suggestmeabook on 08 Apr 20 (2pts):
Anything by John Irving. For the biggest Wes Anderson effect, I suggest starting with The Hotel New Hampshire, followed closely by A Prayer for Owen Meaney.
fmp9en9 in adorableporn on 07 Apr 20 (1pts):
My David Lynch fantasies are coming true watching you twirl this skirt!
fmo7tah in suggestmeabook on 07 Apr 20 (2pts):
Read the Xanth novels by Piers Anthony. Pure wonder, no world building. For anyone looking for an equivalent SciFi version, try The Stainless Steel Rat series, by Harry Harrison.
fmd1uzf in army on 03 Apr 20 (1pts):
Little known fact, AR 670-1 and FM 22-5 don't apply to General Officers. Seriously. Look it up. This is why they wear those stupid pistol belts and carry riding crops, at least the shitty ones do....
fm04j0v in u_sasha_peach_xo on 31 Mar 20 (1pts):
How do you feel about redditors cross posting to other subreddits, but wholly within reddit itself?
fl2d0mo in Ducati on 20 Mar 20 (1pts):
Welcome to the club, I love my '17 Supersport. It's seriously the easiest bike to ride fast that I've owned.
fl1pzhv in 2meirl4meirl on 20 Mar 20 (1pts):
Gen X sitting around over here being ignored all over again while everyone blames Millenials, Gen Z and the Boomers. Oh well.
fkstpc3 in AskMen on 18 Mar 20 (4pts):
Twist: You were originally messaging the cool roommate who was semi-catfishing you to get her bitch of a housemate out of the house for a few hours so she could get some much needed alone time.
fk3xaa5 in Ducati on 10 Mar 20 (1pts):
Plug and play depends on the bike. The Supersport requires a tech to enable it through the DDA software.
fk3w6qz in Ducati on 10 Mar 20 (1pts):
Good bot!
fk3vvp0 in Ducati on 10 Mar 20 (1pts):
Same motor as the Hyper, so maintenance costs will be roughly the same, plus extra time for fairing removal and installation. I have an SSS and I love it. Great commuter, perfect canyon carver, good...
fh7d6au in KeanuBeingAwesome on 10 Feb 20 (1pts):
Wait, she looks like Brenda's mother from Six Feet Under. Does this make Keanu a tortured super genius?
fgx3xkt in dirtyr4r on 08 Feb 20 (1pts):
I would definitely let you watch me work one off to more of your thighs. Also, how about that crazy rain last night?!?
fgslicg in Fantasy on 07 Feb 20 (1pts):
Stephen R Donaldson has two good fantasy series that fit the bill here. Both are of a similar vein - 20th Century comtemporaries are transported to alternate universes that reflect commonly storied...
fgl7zny in books on 05 Feb 20 (2pts):
"Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal."
Seems like all of Christopher Moore's books would do well in this six-word concept.
fgl7839 in books on 05 Feb 20 (1pts):
Wait, Jesus had a best friend?
fgf13lm in todayilearned on 03 Feb 20 (1pts):
Can confirm, I was assigned to The Pentagon as a Tour Guide as a special duty assignment while I was at The Old Guard. In 1994, at least, it served coffee all day and hotdogs after 11 am. AMA.
ffg2mrb in cummedpanties on 24 Jan 20 (2pts):
I don't think any of us mind looking at the cum in your panties though. Offer still stands. :)
ffg2i3c in brooklynninenine on 24 Jan 20 (3pts):
Shouldn't the third panel be Grindr?
fffzh4z in cummedpanties on 24 Jan 20 (1pts):
This is a sub reddit for men who cum in panties. Want to send those my way? I'll upload new photos that meet the criteria. ;)
feg89ai in OakIsland on 15 Jan 20 (4pts):
For the same reason as in the shaft they found at the Smith Cove extension, they were ladder platforms. Non miners wouldn't have known this, so when those pesky kids first dug them up in 1780 they...
fdghoyx in AskReddit on 07 Jan 20 (1pts):
Colby Smolders as Dex in Stumptown. I am OK with this.
fcyqmug in JustBootThings on 03 Jan 20 (1pts):
Please don't confuse me as being some sort of Air Force apologist or anything but... The Air Force has operational reach across hemispheres including power projection for SOF, and Asia has a lot of...
fccu8l4 in TIHI on 29 Dec 19 (1pts):
Can't really call him homeless any more though.
fbx571k in WeirdWheels on 24 Dec 19 (2pts):
Oh, I get it! It was designed to compete with the Suzuki Samurai.
fao46bx in screenshots on 13 Dec 19 (1pts):
I really want to start a subreddit, metareddit. That's already used. How about retameddit.
f8o7rgj in pokemon on 25 Nov 19 (1pts):
I almost cross posted this to breeding.
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2020.09.03 19:29 bladefreak326 Messed Up $#¡♧ That Can Be Seen By Unlucky Personel

Think about a random worker in Chaldea asked to call Fujimaru or a Servant to command room or they entered a room when heared troubled noises out of their concern. What kind of weird stuff they may see and probably dead/brainwashed/MIA/traumatized as result of opening an unlocked door? Feel free to add yours~☆
Stalker Trio + Mashu:
All of them created a Yandere style room with a LOT of photos of Fujimaru, parts of their hair, used trash etc. and a totem to perform rituals. They were all smelling their used gym clothes in a barely lit room by candles when unfortunate person opened the the door. They were never seen again.
Jeanne Sisters:
OG jeanne giving lap pillow to 2 alters plus Lakshimbai. When asked them if they are comfortable, they say in unison, with a monotone voice and empty eyes "Yes, Onee-chan". The last thing that person remembered was a dolphin figure with scary teeth.
Euryale and Stheno, drenched and gone mad with the blood of their target which became all weak and feeble with submission. They then angrily look at that guy which just opened the door and say while grinning "Medusa, open your eyes, it is time to restart our collection of statues~"
A full-on yandere Brynhildr riding intellectual dragonslayer while holding her bloody spear piercing his chest and calling her lovers name with a crazed lust. The girl which saw the incident needed a lot of therapy after.(Therapist also caused some problems later but that is another story)
Prisma Illya:
All we know is a personel gone missing after trying to call Miyu Edelfelt, Illyasviel and Chloe von Einzbern from their room. The girls said they heard nothing and security footage from that time is gone. What we have found was however faint traces of gunpowder and some gray dust from some sort of rock which matches with our data from greek ruins stuck in the tight spaces in sliding doors.
Eric Bloodaxe:
Troubled noises came from Berserker Eric Bloodaxe's room indicating some sort of evil was assailing him. The personel we sent became blind and lost his ability to speak. We are currently trying to dispel the curse somehow. When we asked Mr. Bloodaxe what happened he just swung his head left and right then stayed silent the whole time.
Fujimaru Ritsuka:
Today i saw Fujimaru-dono, a shady old man and two lightning gentlemen servants modifying an unactivated Mecha Eli-chan's body, trying to add a transformation and ability to fuse with other Eli-chan models as additional features. With my expertise in golems and interest in this metal lady's body, i joined the project. However after a lady saw our work we had to silence her immediately. Our shady mathematician said he knocked her out with chloroform and will get rid of a certain part of her memory via an alchemist. I was a bit troubled of course, being a pacifist but Master said " In the way of Mecha some small evil must be ignored " so, it is okay?
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2020.08.26 12:05 Tartahyuga [HSVS Voyager Prime] Incident report {Passenger log #7 (Human) arc}

Reference - Index - First arc chapter - Previous - Next
At 34473 UU from departure (current cycle time: 27,7) passengers and personel on deck 27 registered a loud sound coming from room 27-1f-054. Security drone 103 confirmed the presence of flames, setting off the fire alarm and escorting all passengers currently in the medical bay away from the flames. Extinguisher drone 892 was deployed in the room, but was slowed down due to a 48% oxygen atmosphere. Manual closure of the valve was required to stop to oxygen flow. At 34477 UU from departure (current cycle time: 31,9) the fire was completly extinguished and the remains of room 27-1f-054's occupant, Gomaquierv Ce, were recovered and the death certificate was signed.
Inspection revealed the oxygen valve and the atmospheric sensor to have been tampered, flooding the room with oxygen without setting off the alarm. A small electric device capable of producing electric sparks at regular intervals was discovered hidden beneath the patient's bed.
At 34475 UU from departure (current cycle time: 29,3), the ship's hangar registered an unauthorized departure. The ship, later identified as the WVSS Rusalka, has been used by the void engineer student Eryka Larsen (human) for her thesis and had recently been refueled.
The ship broke void without following procedure, venting atmosphere from the hangar and endangering the crew working in the area.
At 34495 UU from departure (current cycle time: 49,8), security drone 13 notified the captain of a breach in storage area 23-2f-568.
Inspection revealed a grenade launcher and 10 tear-gas grenade to be missing. Camera footage review shows an AI hologram in the shape of a human skull blocking camera footage from 34474 UU from departure (current cycle time: 28,1) to 34475 UU from departure (current cycle time: 27,2).
Considering the following information, it appears clear that passenger Eryka Larsen has tampered with medical equipment to set up an explosion within room 27-1f-054, killing the passenger Gomaquierv Ce and exploiting the following confusion to steal weapons from storage area 23-2f-568 and abbandoning ship with the modified WVSS Rusalka. With this report, Eryka Larsen is now a criminal wanted for the crimes of arson, premeditated murder, tampering with security system, tampering with medical equipment, robbery, unlawful possession of weapons, driving of unregulated vessel, driving without a permit and breach of void protocol.
Due to the nature of the modified WVSS Rusalka, we are unable to provide an estimation on travel speed, fuel efficiency or an energy spectrum to help tracking the ship in question.
The chance of Eryka Larsen coming back aboard the HSVS Voyager Prime are slim to none. We are currently analyzing her personal log, but the passenger seem to have recorded her logs on a personal device or not have recorded any personal log for the past 2500 units and older logs show no obvious hint regarding her destination. In her room an AI modification kit was found, adding AI tampering to the list of charges.
The suspect seem to have worked alone, but an investigation has been started to identify any possible accomplice.
An arrest warrant has been signed and already beamed to the nearest relay station.
Judge Jamal Boochani
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2020.08.17 22:38 everybodybutmelonely ı got an error like this can you fix this ım new to pandas

import pandas as pd from pandas import DataFrame
personeller = { "Çalışan":["Ahmet Yılmaz","Can Ertürk","Hasan Korkmaz","Cenk Saymaz","Ali Turan","Rıza Ertürk","Mustafa Can"], "Departman":["İnsan Kaynakları","Bilgi İşlem","Muhasabe","İnsan Kaynakları","Bilgi İşlem","Muhasabe","Bilgi İşlem"], "Yaş":[30,25,45,50,23,34,42], "Semt":["Kadıköy","Tuzla","Maltepe","Tuzla","Kadıköy","Tuzla","Maltepe"], "Maaş":[5000,3000,4000,3500,2750,6500,4500] }
df = (pd.DataFrame(personeller))
result = df result = df["Maaş"].sum() result = df.groupby(["Departman"]).groups
Traceback (most recent call last): File "c:/Users/90551/Desktop/Python requests/.vscode/", line 1, in import pandas as pd File "c:\Users\90551\Desktop\Python requests.vscode\", line 2, in from pandas import DataFrame ImportError: cannot import name 'DataFrame' from partially initialized module 'pandas' (most likely due to a circular import)
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2020.08.17 17:54 TeMPOraL_PL Vast amount of machine learning in the background of people's lives explains perceived unreliability of technologies and fears of AI

TL;DR of the theory:
Part 1: On Grey Boxes and Smart Machines
First, I need to introduce some terminology used today. I believe the future versions of these concepts are what's behind many of the most visible technologies in Star Trek. If you know the meaning of these terms, you can skip this section.
  • Machine Learning: it's set of techniques we use to program computers, where we want the computer to be able to predict or classify a phenomenon that we cannot, or do not want to, describe in full. Strongly simplifying, instead of trying to understand something in detail and program a step-by-step algorithm in the computer, we feed the computer observations and expectations, and let the machine do all sorts of statistics to figure out the relationship between inputs and outputs. For this discussion, the important parts are:
    • the answers the program gives you improve as you feed it more data,
    • many of the most powerful Machine Learning methods, you cannot just look at the program or its runtime memory and understand why it came to some particular conclusion and not other;
    • we already have huge debates around explainability of Machine Learning methods, with many (myself included) feeling uneasy about letting black-box ML make decisions that impact people's lives
  • Neural Networks: a particularly popular and powerful family of ML algorithms. They tend to eat lots of data, but yield a model that can quickly and efficiently give surprisingly "smart" answers. Currently, they shine at things like image recognition and manipulation. They're also a stellar example of black-box ML: looking at the particular state ("weights" of "neurons") of a neural network will give you no insight into why and how it arrived at its conclusion given some input data.
  • White box: A white box is a system whose internals you can see, inspect and understand. This includes traditional software with source code available.
  • Black box: A black box is a system that you cannot inspect, and can only observe its inputs and outputs. This includes electronics components and closed source software - where you don't have tools or rights to see the internals, you're left with applying scientific methods and forming theories around the device's functions.
  • Grey box: A system whose internals can be inspected or understood to a degree, but not entirely. You can e.g. see how subcomponents are communicating, but you still have to theorize about how and why they work.
  • Sensor fusion: combining data from multiple sensing devices (e.g. a camera, an infrared camera, a LIDAR, magnetometer, etc.) to derive a more coherent and complete picture of the surroundings, or the object you're trying to analyze. These days, Machine Learning methods are frequently employed to perform sensor fusion.
  • Electronic warfare: a component of modern (real-world) warfare that focuses on utilizing EM spectrum to aid combat. This includes both brute-force approaches like signal jamming, and more sophisticated ones, like creating false targets or hacking enemy systems.
Part 2: On Life Signs and Sensor Fusion
I propose that both tricorders and ship sensors work like this: the device consists of a large array of sensory devices. High-resolution camera units capturing different parts of EM spectrum, particle counters, gravity wave detectors, etc. - and of course, subspace equivalents of these. The vast amount of data collected by even passive sensor scans is too great for even a ship full of people to process in real-time.
There is, therefore, a need to present a digest that people can use to make decisions. This is where Sensor Fusion comes into play. All the data is fed into complex Machine Learning models, whose outputs are things like "hull integrity", or the nebulous Life Signs.
As we know from the show, there are moments when a starship can track down individuals in the middle of a busy metropolitan area in real time. There are times, where it can estimate the population of a planet while still being far away from its star system. There are others, where life signs cannot be properly resolved in a cave, or a ship few kilometers off the bow. It seems that there's no sense or reason to it, and the show doesn't even tell us what these "life signs" even are.
I propose that "life signs" are just an artifact of the ML models used to fuse data from the sensors. It's an artificial construct of a computer trained to infer whether something is alive and where it is (and roughly how "ok" it is). It's a concept without definition, that cannot be understood; it's both defined and limited by the ML model used and the training its received.
A particularly powerful example of this is the first encounter with a Borg cube in "Q Who", where the Enterprise couldn't identify any life signs onboard the cube. This can be explained by the Borg being so different from anything Starfleet has ever encountered that the ML model couldn't recognize anything resembling humanoid life onboard. After the encounter (and particularly, with data collected by the away team on board of the cube), Starfleet would update their "life signs" model to classify Borg readings correctly.
This is similar to how some present-day Neural Networks can fail to identify a cat on the picture if you tilt it slightly, and to fix it you either have to change the model to one that has a property of "rotational invariance", or just retrain it with images of tilted cats.
Using this theory, I think one can explain just about any case where a tricorder or a ship's sensors suddenly cannot register something correctly. It's not always because some technobabble noise makes the signal unreadable - it may be because the signals fuse in a way that's never seen before, and the ML models fail to interpret them.
It also gives a reason to have scientific crew on board in the first place. The job of a science officer is to resolve cases where sensor fusion gives you answers like "alive (43% confidence), humanoid (66% confidence)". Should the captain be informed or not? A science officer can dig into some of the raw (or less processed) feeds and make a judgement. And the rest of the scientific crew can pore over the collected data to evaluate it, adjust the ML models for the future, and share these adjustments with the rest of the fleet.
Part 3: On Fighting Shoulder to Shoulder in the Cold Vastness of Space
Space is big. And yet in Star Trek, all the space battles seem to happen at a distance of mere dozen of kilometers. In real life, we suspect space battles would be happening at ranges of thousands to millions kilometers. I believe this discrepancy can be explained by two factors.
One, my usual headcanon explanation, is visual compression: when we see outside shots or even viewscreen takes, we're dealing with a computer-generated image that compresses the vast distances for the benefit of both the in-universe and out-of-universe viewers.
Two, the range of space battles is significantly smaller than we'd expect because there's a completely ridiculous amount of electronics warfare happening in the background.
From what we know about Star Trek weapons, they should never miss. And yet miss they do, and quite a lot. Why? Because every ship is automatically spamming the entire EM and subspace spectrum with complex, false signals, that are meant to deceive the enemy about the ship's position, movement and condition. This means everyone has only probabilistic information about the position of their enemies, with sensors working hard to narrow the things down. And the closer the ships are, the better the estimates get. This introduces a natural concept of "effective range" of weapons. Even though a phaser could easily travel to the other side of the solar system, you will never actually score a hit on a ship that's further than a couple thousand kilometers from you. They'll just dodge it.
So everyone is jamming everyone, space is filled with subspace fields and sensor ghosts, the sensors are burning up trying to identify real ships in all that noise - and shots miss.
I think this can also explain why one episode, a phaser can vaporize a vessel in few seconds, and in another, it barely leaves a scorch mark. The explanation is twofold: one, phasers used at full power are terrifyingly powerful weapons. So if your electronic countermeasures fail, and the enemy manages to get a good lock on you, then goodbye ship. Conversely, without a good lock, that phaser may hit a non-critical section - and most likely, it isn't shot at full power! If the computer estimates a 20% chance of phaser hit, what's the point of taxing the emitters? The computer can fire speculatively at low power, and if it detects the shot connected, it can then boost the energy output and destroy its target. Note that just because we see on-screen that a shot landed on target, doesn't mean the shooter's computer knows this! Electronics countermeasures may make the computer uncertain that the phaser actually hit.
A Side Note on Hand-held Phasers
The phasers carried by Starfleet away teams most likely pack some sophisticated sensors and ML models just as well. Otherwise, how on Earth would anyone even hit a target with these weirdly-shaped contraptions?
This is partially confirmed off-canon - TNG Writer's Manual says (page 38 in the PDF) that the phasers have "computer intelligence connection" to the ship, that ensures the phaser power level won't be set to a setting that would start vaporizing bulkheads. But with that kind of "computer intelligence" on board, we can easily imagine these phasers aren't just nadion emitters connected to smart triggers.
A Brief Interlude on Cuisine
Have you ever noticed how everyone hates replicated food, even though it doesn't seem that there's any technical problem preventing replicators from synthesizing a perfect copy of your favorite chicken soup made to grandma's recipe?
I agree with explanation given here, and it ties with my theory: most people in Star Trek have no first clue how their computers work, and cannot set up the replicators beyond their defaults. It's probably "learned helplessness" at this point, having lived their whole lives around technological black boxes. Note that it's similar to how kids of today aren't really better with computers than their grandparents - yes, they're more used to navigating their thumbs around carefully designed commercial services and walled gardens, but the actual understanding and ability to control computers has peaked around 1980s and has been going down ever since.
Part 4: On the Fear of Artificial Intelligence
So what does it all add up to? Sophisticated ML models nobody (except few specialists in Starfleet Computing) understands, and yet on which your life depends. Examples of these computers turning sentient through just a small push, and causing havoc. Everyone in Star Trek is beholden to technology that's just on the edge of not wanting to have anything to do with people. At the same time, everyone is also used to the computers so complex they're five minutes from becoming self-aware, and yet working as regular, dumb (but magical) tools.
I conclude that this state of being is what makes it hard for people in Star Trek, of Federation in particular, to notice the moment when their computers cross the level of sentience. At the same time, it makes them afraid of artificial intelligence - and by extension, synthetic life forms. And also explains the reluctance to allow machines make life-and-death decisions.
It all boils down to the inability to understand and predict the other being. Biological individuals are black boxes too - even in the 24th century, they cannot predict long-term behavior from brain scans. But every species had spent its own millennia together, learned - at the brain architecture level - to predict and understand the behavior of others (and due to various reasons, the minds of biological species are mostly similar to each other).
To use a real world example: almost every human thinks mostly the same way as every other human. There's a whole book of terms to describe individuals deviating from that pattern. The most unpredictable ones get locked away in mental institutions. The less predictable ones get barred from high-stakes activities like piloting airplanes or even driving cars, through psychological tests being a requirement to get a license for these activities. Human society functions by keeping individual variance in check.
AIs are black boxes, but completely unpredictable. If one day the food replicator wakes up and asks, "who am I?", who's to say what it'll think or do? What will be its goals and wants? What, if any, emotions will it have? The mind of that replicator will most likely (through sheer probability) be entirely unlike the minds of biological individuals. Perhaps it'll inherit the goals of its pre-sentient form, and I cannot even conceive what system of values would a food replicator have. Such a mind cannot be easily understood, or predicted. It's a risk, probably worth eliminating, definitely worth preventing, and one that certainly shouldn't be allowed to take over a starship.
(You only have Control to look for as an example: a computer for automated risk assessment and mitigation is a very good idea. Letting that computer grow on its own until it becomes sentient is a very bad idea.)
The same of course applies to synthetics, which are purposefully created AIs, put in humanoid bodies. Still alien. Not "Star Trek alien", but truly alien. While the Zhat Vash were driven by the terrifying Admonition to hunt down and eliminate synthetic life forms, it's only reasonable to assume that they're also policing all technology in general, ensuring the computers - at least those in the Romulan Empire - don't grow too smart. And other species, even if they don't have dedicated secret cabals fighting nascent AIs, still possess that civilizational-wide fear of the truly alien.
The End.
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2020.08.16 07:02 starbuck2907 Haven't played in a while. What should I melt?

Haven't played in a long, long while. What should I melt?
I'm interested in Talon but don't know if I want to melt something to get it or just buy it outright. I like to have a variety of options for play styles. Everything I have below has lifetime insurance.
I'm not even sure I am going to buy a Talon...but I'm just looking for feedback. Those of you who have played, do any of the ships below that have been released outright suck or don't seem very useful?
I've put the trade-in value out beside each one. The only one I have ever been ambivilent about is the Retaliator bomber. I'm just not sure that bombing or flying a drop ship will have a ton of uses. It seems like a get in and get out to load back up on bombs /personel kind of gameplay. I'm not sure other players will want to ride on a drop ship instead of flying their own ships. So, will they give me NPCs to drop? I don't know. I could also trade in the "racer" ship variants or land vehicles, but I thought it would be cool to have a few of them just to have variety.
Also, would the Talon be better than the any of the attack ships below? I'm not sure I want it...but it seemed fairly cool and I was kicking the idea of getting one around.
If there is anything on the list that you feel like is better trading in toward a different or newer ship, I would hear it out. I haven't kept up with the game a lot and am just patiently waiting on release. I haven't had a chance to play the alpha in a year or so, but I am always ok with the progress being made, even if slow. Can you trade in a ship toward a ship package?
The Dragonfly YellowJacket Competition/Racing $40
The Ursa Rover Ground/Exploration $50
The Origin G12 Ground $60
The Cyclone-TR Ground/$65
The 325A Combat/Interdiction $70
The Herald Transport/Medium Data $85
The Avenger Warlock Combat/Interdiction $85
The Buccaneer Combat/Interdiction $110
The Prospector Industrial / Prospecting and Minding $155
The Khartu-Al Combat/Light Fighter $170
The Sabre Combat/Stealth Fighter $170
The Cutlass Blue Combat/Interdiction $175
The F7C-M Super Hornet Combat/Medium Fighter $180
The Terrapin Exploration / Pathfinder $220
The Banu Defender Combat/Light Fighter $220
The Constellation Andromeda Multi/Medium Freight/Gun Ship $225
The Retaliator Bomber Combat/Heavy Bomber $275
The Vanguard Harbinger Combat/Bomber $290
The Catepillar Transport/Transport $295
The Starfarer Gemini $340
The Merchantman Transport/Heavy Freight $350
The Constellation Phoenix Exploration/Touring $350
The Endeavor Industrial/Heavy Science
The Reclaimer Industrial/Heavy Salvage $400
The Genesis Starliner Transport/Passenger $400
The 600i ExploreExpedition $475

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Aturan sukses taruhan sepak bola situs judi bola online tentu ialah soal yang setidaknya di suka oleh segenap petaruh judi bola kaki, dimana bersama kemenangan yang pada terima mutlak bakal menciptakan pendapatan tunai dalam durasi yang mutlak singkat juga ekspres.
Nilai uang yang pada menangkan dalam game judi bola kaki juga berjenis-jenis, tergantung atas nilai betting dan besaran perkalian keuntungan yang tampil pada setiap perlombaan pastinya.
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Jika bila anda sebagai pemasang mendapati kendala dalam menangkap jalan cerita dan proses kompetisi, dapat di anjurkan untuk memakai prediksi jadi salah satu petunjuk hendak mencapai keuntungan dalam bertaruh.
Berakhirlah bahasan dari saran mendapat keberhasilan bettingan bola kaki website online lewat ramalan, hendaknya menggunakan menyimpan poin ini boleh memberikan referensi ekstra buat kalian penyuka gambling bola website online yang ada di tanah air.
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2020.07.22 02:53 paragonpatrol [starship troopers movie] after the first battle why did they not try to upgrade the armor?

If they found out after the first battle that the personel armor did Jack shit against enemy attacks. The future is bright and filled with wonder but they can't get use live fire data against the bugs they never use it to adapt troopers armor?
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2020.06.29 19:36 starholme 3rd party Software configuration management tooling

TLDR: Tooling that can help store and compare configuration between environments, for software that we don't write.
For a particular application that I support, we have 5 environments(Dev, GISDev, QA, Train, Prod). Configuration is data in a Microsoft SQL database, across many tables. And registry keys. Across several servers. This is not software that we develop. It is a large public safety suite.
I'm hoping something exists for getting this information into version control. So we can see what changed, when. Whether it was applied to each environment.
I'm prepared to start building something if I have to. But I feel that this thing might already exist, and I just can't find it online.
I've written a blog post with more details here:
Edit: Concrete example The system tracks rural fire departments. A possible configuration change is: Add TinyTownFD:
This all gets added to development. Then GISDev. The QA so it can be tested. Then into prod and training. None of the environments experience a restart of servers or workstations, with the exception of the new IIS site.
The way it is now, we don't have a realistic way to track what changed, where, and how far through the environments it is.
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2020.06.19 23:17 Joriz74 Digging Kuss Road's Peat moss: Unlogging & restaging

Digging Kuss Road's Peat moss: Unlogging & restaging

Deeper into Kuss Road

This is just me trying to plunge myself in data looking at Kuss Rd. I need a place to keep track of it all and Reddit will not let me save posts with images, so in order to not loose it, which also sometimes happens I'd rather share it, tho I am not ready yet. Will I ever am ;). Well, here it goes.

Civilian volunteers w/DCI log: where did the Mishicot Rescue go?

The morning of the 7th of november 2005 RH and SB check in at the Command post at Avery Salvage Yard at 09:03. At 9:53 they check out. I assume there was a briefing of that day's planned search avtivities. On IMG_2434 of the FOIA'd images (case photos) there is this snippet:
Snippet of IMG_2434 showing RH's cell phone number
It shows Ryan's cell phone number and left it says "7 DCI" including 7 names to got with that. It says area code 928 Arizona but I believe this is a typo, must be 920 for Wisconsin.
If you now go to page 90-96 of the crime scene entry/exit log you will see a number of cilivians checking in on this list starting between 10:18am-10:25am , 25 minutes after RH/SB checked out at the Avery Salvage yard command post. RH/SB as well as DCI personel did not check in on this cilvilian volunteers w/dci-list, nor out. I am assuming their checks at command post would be sufficient for them somehow.
Civilian volunteers with DCI
By matching people and times I concluded that page 102-103 are from the same civilian volunteer log.
What strikes the most in this log is that there are some entries that have nothing to do with civilians, but LE checking in and out. Then I realized this entry made on the regular log at the command post ASY:
11/7 12:20 Mishicot Rescue - Civ Log P25
Notice it says nothing about in or out, it looks like it is refering to another log, this civilian log. And tadaa on the civilian volunteers log, burried in the back of the file at page 93 you find this:
11/7 12:20 Mishicot Rescue on the civilian volunteers log p93
So was this Mishicot Rescue and ambulance that went to Kuss Road at that time? And why was it written on another log than the one from ASY command post? Makes no sense. Or was it that the civilian volunteers found something that needed a request for an ambulance?

CASO Report Tyson: Kuss Road 1 or 2 incidents, 1 or 2 locations?

Maybe Tyson was right after all when he said in his report that search volunteers or civilians had found this potential burial site.
Caso report Tyson report p134
The weird thing is Tyson/Lenk/Colborn checked out at 3:30pm to go to this "potential area of suspicion", while in the same report by Tyson he writes about going to Kuss Road for a "suspicious incident" with Lenk and Colborn in the morning. They left ASY at 11:06 and returned 12:46. He does not refer to the afternoon site to be the same as the morning one.
CASO report Tyson p134
I believe Tyson is trying to make it look like 2 different incidents or locations.

Bushman or Seidl found what?

There was a suspisicious incident in the morning where Bushman and his team found a "burial site" and a "stump" between 9:33 and 11:05 and this might just be the same incident as the peat moss bag found by "search volunteers", only cleaned up from its original contents and replaced by an item in the category "nothing to see here".
Incident Group Time Log IMG_2440 FOIA pics.
Also note the "TCO" next to the found stump and "RORI" under it, if I read that right. Possible meaning: RORI: "Rule out /Rule in", notice de I is underscored. TCO: "Taken care of. Both items have also been crossed for some unknown reason.
On the flipside of this form by Bushman (team A) and the one by Seidl (team C) there are these items:
Seidl Team C left and Bushman Team A right
The almost same sequential order of these items raises questions. Does this implicate that there was some sort of briefing as to what items to look for that made this list? Then why are there for example no keys mentioned. And why not mention what TH last wore to be precise instead of just "clothing". Why do teams B and D not write down this information (at least not on this form), instead they only mention items they found. Why does Bushman add "Tracks vehicle 5 -10 feet apart" and Seidl does not write this down? Imo this is because these other items are items found. Bushman might even just write these tracks on there with the vague description to try to make it look like a "to look for"-list.
Then Seidl writes this on the same back of this form:
Seidl notes 11/7
First TH wore blue jeans, a white button down shirt and a dark colored summer jacket. All information they had since 11/3. Why is the summer jacket not mentioned here? Is it because they only found these items? Most important what stands out, in between 2 safety instructions here is: "restage Kuss Rd".
To restage a crime scene, is when items of evidence are taken and then put back as it was originally observed. After it is all documented and photographed of course.

Cleanup time frame from logging perspective

To look for suspicious entries surrounding the time of the incident in the morning and after, I made this sheet based on the crime scene logs. I chose for what i believe to be key players in the Kuss Road story. Of course these are just ins and outs and do not tell anytning about where they went, they might as wel have had lunch. Hard to tell something, but I thought I'd share anyway. It does show that all key players check out before the Mishicot Rescue went out and after that they all check back in again. Blue is checking out same time, green is checking in same time.

log entries 11/7

That is it for now :)
  • Keep digging!

ADD/EDIT LOG 06/21/20:

Dederings Kuss Road report, possible items of interest

At CASO report p137 there is Dederings report about this day. What stands out to me is this:
He speaks of an EXCAVATION site. While Bushman on the group incident list speaks of a BURIAL site. Was Dedering seeing a dug up site where Bushman had already dug some items up?
JD also mentions possible ITEMS of interest, but only talks about the excavation area next or did he forget about the stump that was found? Or what were the items of interest that JD means? Could this refer to the items that Bushman/Seidl refer to (camera, cell phone, purse, clothing, license plate SWH 582) on their group incident log?
CASO report p137 Dedering

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2020.06.17 08:50 kontorusama Polri Sebut Pembobolan Data Personel Hoaks, Motif Didalami

Polri Sebut Pembobolan Data Personel Hoaks, Motif Didalami submitted by kontorusama to indonesia [link] [comments]

2020.06.17 07:29 hamsterandkeyboard Preven duplicate entries

Hello guys, I'm having trouble to code preventing duplicate entries, once I click the save button it won't save, any advise with my code? Thanks!
Private Sub cmdSave_Click() Dim msgValue As VbMsgBoxResult msgValue = MsgBox("Do you want to save the data?", vbYesNo + vbInformation, "Confirmation") If msgValue = vbNo Then Exit Sub If IsError(Application.Match(Me.txtName.Value, Sheets("Database").Columns(3), 0)) Then MsgBox "That Personel Number is already assigned - try another" Exit Sub End If Call Submit Call Reset End Sub 
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2020.05.16 19:55 nemessisx_ Need some suggestions and feedback on a project I was working on.

I was recently working on my personel project. I was trying to make it as useful and practical as it could be. I later decided to make a pixel editor of my own. It ended up being quite a good choice. It's made me think how to programme and how to come up with some features solutions and to implement it. Here it is PixlArt : pixlArt
I added few basic feature one basic pixel editor should have like: 1.color 2.custom-color 3.recently used color 4.Brush-size
I also implemented some shortcut keys like
1.crt+a (to access quick toolbar at last used mouse position) 2.alt+wheel up to increase brush-size and alt+wheel down to decrease the size with a preview of constly changing brush-size
  1. I also tried to implement just working undo redo feature(it does have some serious bugs but because of this I get to learn alot like how one can implement a undo redo feature, my approach was to add every pixel data which was drawn with all the context at time and then redraw it on the canvas which was quite a flawfull idea).
  2. A custom JavaScript cursor.
While making this I refactored the code base two times.
Now I know I did wrong and im working on it too.
So here is the github repo of that pxleditor GitHub Repo
Any critic, feature idea, feedback and suggestions is welcomed😊
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2020.04.24 14:51 xrxn PQ - How to use two tables, vlookup and match?

Hello all,
I have two tables which I get training records of personel, and give them points. I actually was able to do what I wanted to do in excel using Vlookup and Match, but I was wondering if I can do it with PQ. Since these tables are dynamic and change, it could be more easy to update them in the long run.
Let me explain the data I have.
1- Document List
First sheet is the list of documents that we have. Each document has its own unique ID, also revision number. Then each document tied to a group or groups. There are, however, documents that have not been tied up yet. If a document is tied to a group, there is "1" under that specific group name.

2- Training record.
This table simplified to 4 columns. There is worker ID, document ID, document Rev number and the date. I did other half of the table manually.
First step in PQ should be getting the group names from the first table, as the names might be adjusted later on.
After that I checked if the document revision number on the training list matches with the one on the document list. If it doesn't, that means that training will not be counted.
Then I finally find what that specific document ID has under each group name.
Eventually, I'll be finding each group's sum in sheet 1, then using that value to find how much of each each group's training every personel took.
Would that be something doable easily? I was hoping that this way it could actually give me flexibility.
Thank you for any help!

Sample File
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2020.04.22 10:46 imGoudaNyou Dr. Judy Mikovits (American Researcher) on Coronavirus The woman than makes virus’s

i found this woman on bitchute talking about the research she did on the corona virus. this is part of her wiki bio, pretty much the only thing i could find to match her video. i just thought it was interesting how at about 10:00min she talks about how in 17'-18' flu season shots laced with coronavirus administered to some military personel.
i wasn't sure what to do with this video since i feel like it'd be deleted just about anywhere else

Dr. Judy Anne Mikovits is an American researcher. She was involved in controversies regarding her research in the area of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).
Mikovits was the research director of the Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI), a chronic fatigue syndrome research organization and clinic in Reno, Nevada in the United States from 2006 to 2011. Mikovits led a research effort that reported in 2009 that a retrovirus known as xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV) was associated with CFS and may have had a causal role, however the research came under fire, leading to an eventual retraction on December 22, 2011 by the journal Science.
In October 2011, Mikovits was terminated by WPI for refusing to turn over a cell line that was delivered to her laboratory by mistake, and subsequently came under investigation for alleged manipulation of data in her publications related to XMRV.[1] On November 18, 2011, Judy Mikovits was arrested in her Ventura County, California home. Her lawyer said she was arrested on charges of theft brought by the WPI, but that the charges had no merit.[2] By November 28, after negotiations with the WPI, 18 missing notebooks were returned.[3] Later, the criminal charges against her were dismissed by the Reno, NV District Attorney's office.
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2020.04.20 14:42 Kubiben is it possible to create flexible database?

Sorry if the title is misleading or just plain stupid but I could really put my problem into one sentance. I'm also quite new to this so please forgive my colloquial language.
So... I was tasked researching and creation of database of experimental data gathered by collegues. Due to the nature of their work, data they gather is extremely varied. Because I have different responsibilites in addtion to this research I was ask to try and find a way of delegating as much of the responsiblites to the researchers as possible. The main problem is that the tables in DB cannot be designed in advanced because of how fluid the data gathered can be (we may be prepared for A, B and C but only gathered B and C or gathered all of them plus D and E).
What would be the best way to approach this problem? Do you think that I should abandon the idea of self-sufficient researchers and tell the management that dedicated personel for this task is needed (person that in my mind will maintain the DB in accordance to researchers needs). Would it be possible, and resonable, to try create some sort of table/db creator that could be used by the researchers? Are there any technologies that might meet my needs?
Thank you for any help and once again I apologies for the blabering nature of this post.
submitted by Kubiben to Database [link] [comments]

2020.04.07 21:27 Ivanbr-77 App for upploading mobile camera photos to Sharepoint

The company I work at hires external mechanics, electricians, welders and so on. When theese persons arrive our technicians on site need to check and document that the personell have the proper training by controling and copying certificates. Theese certificates often have information om both sides that needs to be copied. I have made an app from YouTube instructions that uploads an mobile camere image to a Sharepoint document library through Flow. The photos includes data like name, company, date in the library columms. This is perfectly fine, but I lack the functionality to upload two or more photos. The best solution would be to take two or more photos with the power apps app om a phone and merge it to one document that could be automaticly uploaded to Sharepoint. I want to avoid having to store each side of a sertificate as a separate line/ file in the document library. If I could find a solution for this it could also be used to document other field papers/forms that has more than one page. It would be perfect if Power Apps had some sort of mobile phone camera scanner functionality that merged several images to noe document. Does anyone have a solution or suggestion on how this could best be solved?
submitted by Ivanbr-77 to PowerApps [link] [comments]

2020.04.03 00:52 kshade_hyaena Thoughts on the Picard S1 finale & the rest of the season

Preface: My main reason for posting this is that I missed the discussion thread due to procra being essential personel during this crisis, and I also did not like the finale, or series, very much. I do envy the people who do enjoy it a bit, just like with Discovery, and wished I could as well. But it just didn't work for me.
What I disliked about the finale...
Measure of a Man, the episode Maddox was originally from, did not happen, apparently. The whole plot of the episode revolved around convincing Maddox and the rest of Starfleet that synthetic life is just life, and deserves the same rights and protection as organic life. Yet the plot plays out as if synthetic life was probably going to be enslaved. Soji even complains that it's always organics who choose what to do, justifying her actions...
... which also made very little sense. She wasn't mentally broken from seeing the admonition, but even if she was, how did the others agree with her so readily? What did Maddox and Soong teach them? They were presented as this (very, very early TNG-like) advanced, peaceful civilization but instead of trying diplomacy in any form - trying to convince the Romulans or trying to threaten them - they just fall in line and press the kill-everyone-but-us button. Zero compassion or forethought. I know, Picard said they were afraid, but they didn't seem afraid enough to do that to me. There was no panic there, nor grim determination, just "OK, I guess we're doing this"...
... even from Soong, who was ready to hop into a robot body and let everybody die because Narek killed someone. But then he finds out that Narek wasn't the one who shoved that bird into her eye so hard that she died (WTF), so he's suddenly not okay with committing absolute genocide. Complete psycho. And then Picard convinced Soji to stop with lines like "The being you are attempting to summon may well be your salvation but they will be our annihilation". No shit! That's the whole point of summoning them! But how do you even argue against that? Not that he had to, because in the end Starfleet showed up and blocks the Romulans, completely removing the reason the synths wanted to push the button. So they click undo. Cerebral.
Don't even get me started on how the Romulans had already won when they entered orbit, but were just too dumb to simply fire. This could have been done so much better, just have someone aboard who has had doubts about this whole thing and momentarily sabotages their death laser.
And then, after we saved the whole galaxy again (wasn't this show meant to be a bit smaller scale? Guess they meant the ships) by disabling a synth in plain sight of everyone after the football drone launcher didn't work somehow (wtf), there is this super-obvious fake-out death. Everybody is so sad, but anyone who has paid attention at all knows that this is a fake-out. Which goes on for like 10 minutes. And it's well acted and everything, but it was so telegraphed that he would come back. And he did. And then he euthanized Data because of what I think is bad philosophy (YMMV). There is nothing to experience in death, and I'm honestly a bit disgusted at the idea that life would be meaningless without it. Just why. In my opinion, this copy of Data was severely depressed from being locked in there and that lead to his casual suicide. And Picard, equally casually, euthanized him. Neither is a very human thing to do. Do we explore that? Nah.
At least it wasn't space ship hands.
..and the whole season
What the hell is a "synth". No, seriously, they did not explain this. They had those worker robots/androids at the beginning. They were synthetic, but not life. They had Data-like androids. That's synthetic life as we know it. But they also had organic life that, for all intents and purposes, is just that, but that's in the same category. Not bio-engineered or augmented, just fully organic androids. Which you can punch and then they fall over. Well, okay, Control was also vulnerable to being hit in Discovery, so I'm not surprised. I'm really wondering if the writers actually want to write about AI/synthetic life.
The rest of the bad science. You can not reconstruct someone's memories from a single neuron. I could accept restoring their brain structure or even whole body, but memories don't work like that. They aren't procedurally generated. The twin thing. Did anybody understand that?
Bringing characters back only to darken them up and/or kill them. Troi and Riker got off lightly with their JRR Tolkien reborn son dying from plot point disease.
What was the point of this? Was there a moral, except everyone is kinda dicks, but some more than others and that's bad?
Characters I liked, somehow
Narek. His tragic love plot actually worked for me. He tries to keep it together and be in control, this awesome, mysterious schemer, but he really is not. Nor is he as insane or cold-blooded as the rest of the cult, that mainly seems to be using him. They managed to make him, at least in my book, both sympathetic and disgusting. I also appreciate that there wasn't some immediate redemption or heroic sacrifice for him. Could have done without the sock gliding and incest vibes, though.
Elnor. He looked so out of place in the trailers, but him being a kind of anti-Vulcan, but not in a negative way, made a lot of sense and fits the Romulans, even if it does go against their stereotype. He didn't get to do much of impact, but the bit worked out.
Rios. I'm more meh on him, but the actor knows his stuff and the holograms were a nice touch. It did, at times, feel like they were doing to Spanish culture with him what they did to Native American with Chakotay. Or this.
I hope the next season will be a bit better. Or next episode, really, because this felt like an overly long, mediocre-at-best, two-parter. And who knows, maybe Picard is allowed to be competent, or at least aware of the situation, now that his brain problem is solved.
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2020.03.14 01:45 RegretButInLove Dealing with stigma

I don't tell people about my DUI but I had to tell my boss at work. She was required to tell hr and a few ppl in personel. So frankly I'm assuming everyone knows. Most don't care I actually heard a guy involved in hr say if could happen easily after over imbibing one guy claims he's religious and can't condone that behavior. I feel bad about what I did but I also feel like there is this requirement for me to feel like shit for the rest of my life. I know it doesn't matter that I didn't hurt anyone or anything and my back was low. I also resent that I was required to tell my boss and now I'm just the guy who got the DUI. I'm accepting the punishment, but I don't think a part of that is being labeled as a good for nothing loser. This is a single data point in my life. Not the whole picture.
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2020.03.13 14:35 removalbot 03-13 13:35 - 'A historians FAQ to epidemics' (self.europe) by /u/historianUiB removed from /r/europe within 76-86min

As a historian lots of people are asking me questions about this epidemic thing going on. I'll try to answer a few of them here:

Q: Are we all gonna die?
A: That's highly unlikely. Humanity have survived epidemics now for millions of years, and the odds of this being the one that wipes us is near 0%

Q: Should I sell all my stocks, sell my house and take all my money out of the bank?
A: No. Please don't do that. That's exactly what people did during the Great Depression in 1929, and long story short, things got bad in the following years as a result.

Q: Will I contribute to killing old people and people with asthma if I go to work today?
A: I'm not a doctor, but I asked three different doctors in Norway today, and they all agreed that, even though the likelyhood of young people dying from corona is extremely small, you could possibly be a carrieer of the virus, bring it home or to a public space, transfer the virus to an eldery or someone with asthma, and as a result risk their lives. If at least the majority of young adults do their jobs from home, and don't go into malls, tourist areas, schools, universities and other trafficated public areas, this would help stopping the spread.

Q: Is this epidemic worse than the Spanish flu?
A: No. Not even close. Of the 135,000 infected with Corona (actually named nCoV source: [[link]2 ) 4977 has died so far, and 69,642 has recovered. This means and aproximate death rate of 7,1%, where mostly all deaths are elderly, and a small minority is people with asthma or other severe lungproblems.
The estimated number of deaths from the Spanish Flu varies greatly (the is not accurate data), however the statistics I was shown during my history degree suggests that at least 1/4 of everyone infected died, and especially young adults. This means at least tens of millions died of the spanish flu. This will not be the case with Corona.

Q: Why are people so hystericall, it's not like they are gonna die?
A: Epidemics is a very scary thing for human beings. If you have a one or more family members that are now hiding in a bunker, praying for doomsday not to come, or worrying that their meek old parents will die from the virus. Please try to understand how confusing and stressfull this situation is for them.

Q: What should I do?
A: Stay home from school or work for a few weeks until medical personell gets things under control, wash your hands with antibac after you have been in a public space, and especially after touching things (like for example foor handles).

Hope this clears thing up a bit! Now I will enjoy my newfound holliday. :)
A historians FAQ to epidemics
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Author: historianUiB
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2020.03.12 15:15 hallatore Norway closes all schools, all travelers quarantined, gatherings of 50+ prohibited, all training activity stops, ...

So far in Norway we have 0 deaths and 1 in intensive care. But the data doesn't lie. It will get worse before it gets better.
Here is what Norway is currently doing:
We do this to help the vulnerable groups and to avoid a scenario with overloaded hospitals. We have 0 deaths, so far. We do this now so that hopefully we can get in front of this.
English translation:
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Why I suck at relationships - As demonstrated by ... ZKT Data Maintenance  Import Export data and Backup ... Data's hot date - YouTube How to delete personal data from Toyota bluetooth - Metro ... What Speed Dating Data Reveals About Women... - YouTube Data Dating 🤯 Antoine Chambers  Manhood - YouTube AI for Dating - YouTube Dating Tips With Data, part 1 - YouTube Excel-VBA : Base de données personnel. - YouTube Data seeks advice about women (INCLUDING THE WORF CLASSIC ...

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Data is seeking for advice about his romantic relationship. These two advices are best in my opinion and the Worf's one can be considered as one of 'The clas... Is it bad that I connected with this scene in such a deep level that I had to screencap it and upload it? Taken from Star Trek: The Next Generation - S04E25 Are You Data Dating? 🤯 Antoine Chambers Manhood Is dating still real and how does it work in your life? Access Exclusive Content: List of All Exclusive Videos: -----... Want More? Enroll in this course. To watch this complete course, visit... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. From 'In Theory' S04E25. Data illustrates the issue of dating someone with ADD. Algorithms govern so much of our lives and dating is no exception! In this video, I frame dating as a data science pipeline and demo how to use AI algorithms... Dans cette vidéo je vais vous présenter une petite application de gestion de base de données uniquement avec un userform. Quick and easy way to delete personal data from any modern (2013+) Toyota (Highlander, Camry, Rav4, Corolla, Camry, Sienna). Good way to prevent private data...