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eharmony is the first service within the online dating industry to use a scientific approach to matching highly compatible singles. eharmony's matching is based on using its 32 DIMENSIONS® model to match couples based on features of compatibility found in thousands of successful relationships. The following is our eHarmony Dating Service review, for this dating site which started in 2000 when Dr Neil Clark Warren formed it. eHarmony dating service allows free reviews of your matches, and is billed as the top Christian dating service in helping put together highly compatible, lasting relationships. Unbelievable now … groundbreaking for that time. As of today, eharmony is known as the #1 trusted dating site and the premiere destination for high quality singles looking for real relationships. Millions of people of all ages, ethnicities, national origins and religious and political beliefs have used eharmony to find long-term love ... In 2000, eharmony launched as a premium dating service and positioned itself as a values-driven solution for singles looking for love and marriage. During that time, many people were openly skeptical about online dating, so eharmony offered a free trial period to help singles get acclimated and realize that meeting people on a dating website actually isn’t that scary or intimidating at all. eHarmony is the largest dating site geared specifically towards long-term relationships and marriage minded singles. They claim to be responsible for over 500 new marriages every day in the US. The 2020 Editor's Top Pick - Match System award recipient is eHarmony.This dating service had a whirlwind year. They where acquired by German Broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1 and then late in 2019, they launched a big update which included not only interface changes but major core improvements to how the actual service works. Dr. Neil Clark Warren, a clinical psychologist, Christian theologian, and seminary professor, founded eharmony in 2000 as an online dating service for commitment-minded singles. Warren has written eight books on love and marriage and used his extensive background in the field to create eharmony’s original 29 Dimensions® of Compatibility ...

Seeking Color, Printable Material, Glass Application

2019.03.14 18:42 BGPhilbin Seeking Color, Printable Material, Glass Application

Seeking Color, Printable Material, Glass Application
First time poster, here. I can't seem to find anyone knowledgeable enough to answer this question elsewhere, so I figure this might actually be an easier answer for Materials Science and Engineering folks, since most every engineer I know has a creative and inquisitive mind and knows all kinds of stuff like this.
I'm seeking a film upon whic I can print (I think the printing itself is in vinyl) which is transparent and will adhere to glass easily.
I recently came across this application using an Etsy vendor for my daughter's wedding last year, where they used mason jar mugs and had this type of application - but only in black or white (gold is, apparently, also an option) and no mixing of these colors. It's a sticker that has their names on it and the date (see example below).
When seeing this and realizing that this particular application holds up in the dishwasher, I was very excited, as I have designs I want to put on some glasses, but they're in color and doing line-only versions in black or white would look absolutely crummy.
I contacted the vendor to see if there was any way they could do this for me in color and they said "No". When I asked them if they knew of anyone who could provide a similar service in color, they never answered. It's been over a year.
Here's the product they produce:
You should be able to see the edge of the sticker at the top.
Anyway, as you can see, it's a very transparent stickelabel with a strong adhesive and, I think, vinyl printing that doesn't wash off or fade.
If anyone has any clue how this is being done and how I can do this in color - or even if there's a service who can do this in color - I would be very grateful to know.
Thoughts? Ideas?
Let me know - thank you!!
Pax, harmonia,
Brian Philbin
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2017.08.27 06:59 hello-cthulhu Missing Labels & Content: Late August Edition

I take little pleasure in making this post. But I’m sorry to report that despite all its promises, eMusic has failed to deliver, even by its own standards.
As you may recall, back in those halcyon days of yore, when eMusic actually maintained a blog to maintain transparency with its subscribers, many of us were upset with the sudden massive gaps in eMusic’s catalog, especially as they emerged after the debut of the new website. The new site was intended, at least in part, to deal with a problem that had gradually cropped up with the old one, namely that new music wasn’t showing up in a timely manner. We were told that the reason for this is that the distribution systems, from the labels to the site, had gradually gotten corrupted. The site needed more than a mere overhaul; it needed a full-scale replacement. This would make it a million times easier to fix problems as they emerged, since the team responsible for building it in the first place would be the same people in charge of it now.
Well. As we’ve seen, things didn’t work out so well, because content availability is now dramatically worse than it was with the old site. Whereas before, we’d occasionally have a new release delayed months before it finally made it to the site, we now have many dozens of indie labels who no longer have any content available at eMusic whatsoever, whether new releases or back catalogs. So in what follows, I’ve attempted to document everything that has either gone missing or is otherwise unaccounted for. There are some examples that are kind of obvious and wouldn’t be expected to be found here, like the major labels or the Beggar’s Banquet labels (4AD, Matador, etc.). Likewise, given that many indie labels are actually kind of faux-independent, that is, they are affiliates of, or distributed by, major labels, we’d sadly probably not expect to find those here either. What we would expect to find here are genuine, full-throated indie labels. We subscribe to eMusic in large part because most of the music we happen to purchase in any given month happens to be on indie labels. So if those labels aren’t here, if all that’s available at eMusic is “The Best of Hungarian Yak Herding Music, Vol. 4,” then it kind of defeats the whole purpose of subscribing at eMusic. These discounts on music are great, but they ought to be on music we were already inclined to purchase.
Sadly, what we’ve gotten from eMusic of late has mostly just been radio silence. The blog, the Twitter handle and this Reddit board were all supposed to signal a new era of transparency for eMusic subscribers. On July 13th, the blog addressed the missing content directly: “Currently, we’re targeting mid-next month for our next update, but we hope to have more good news for you before then. Please continue submitting issues to [email protected] and sharing thoughts on how to improve our catalog. Our label relations team is listening and are committed to growing the quality and quantity of eMusic catalog.” (https://blog.emusic.com/2017/07/13/label-status-and-feedback/ )
Other than a post reporting the availability of playlists for the eMusic phone app, the blog has essentially gone dark ever since. And of course, mid-August has come and gone. We’re now just a few days from September. Worse still, label content and general availability at eMusic has actually declined since that post. So in what follows, I give you my updated master list of missing and otherwise unaccounted for content. As before, I have to give due credit to all you who have reported all these gaps. I’m personally responsible only for a fraction of what’s in this list; it’s only possible because so many of you have reported what you’ve found (or haven’t found) here. So thanks to all of you.
The only other thing to mention here is that the performance of the eMusic site has grown increasingly erratic. There were two major outages over the last week, coming and going without comment on the blog or Twitter account. Some of us also panicked when even more labels appeared to vanish from the site last weekend. (In this instance, content was on the site, but rendered “unavailable” for 1-2 day period, only to come back just as suddenly.) Again, this came and went without official comment or notification. Some here at Reddit have argued that this may be a good time to consider spending whatever remaining credits you have, on the basis that eMusic is a sinking ship, and may soon evaporate without nary a warning. I hope this isn’t true, and I think we all earnestly hope that eMusic can gets its house in order, and quickly. We’re subscribers to eMusic for a reason: we like this model, and as subscribers, we all have proverbial skin in the game.
So if you’re one of the eMusic staff members tasked with keeping up with this Reddit page, I urge you: please talk to us. Please help this wonderful model for getting great music affordably achieve what was promised, and in so doing, please give us reasons to stay as subscribers. We’d like to, and we’d like to recommend the service to others, but neither will happen if this keeps up much longer.
In what follows, I divide the list between three groups: those labels newly missing as of July or August, the general list of labels missing in their entirety or nearly so, and finally, those which are “patchy,” missing significant portions of their catalog but still retaining some partial availability at eMusic. As before, any corrections, updates, and the like are earnestly requested and highly appreciated, and will be incorporated into this list. The idea is that this list should be organic, and will be continuously edited to reflect any updates the community here submits. (If you’re in the UK, Canada, etc., please say so. I’ll verify whether the label is also missing here in the US.)
'A' Records (Brian Jonestown Massacre's label)
Arts & Crafts
Bordellor Records (As reported by Doodahead, this is another label which evaporated just as it was to release a new album on 8/18)
Casa Del Puete Disco
Denovali Records (UK/EU) - Only 4 2011 albums left. Releases are limited up to as recent as 2016 in the US.
Evil Teen
Glitterbeat Records (UK, 36 in the US)
Hardly Art
Harmonia Mundi
Luaka Bop (US)
The Orchard
Prosthetic Records
Silver Cross (On 8/18, PoseyHipster reported, "I'm interested in the new Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer record ("Not Dark Yet" on Silver Cross). I searched this morning and found the label (I'm in the US). The only results for the label were four singles from the record. There was also an artist page for "Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer" containing those four singles. I wanted to get it, so I kept checking back to see if the album had appeared. Over the course of the day, the four singles, the artist page and the label have all disappeared from the site. I'm beyond trying to draw any conclusions, just reporting.")
Syllart Records
All Saints
Avant Media http://shop.avantmedia.org/
Bella Union (UK)
Black Saint
Cooking Vinyl
Drag City (may have an exclusive digital distribution contract with iTunes)
ECM (both US & UK)
Fat Possum (Previously, only up to 2012 was available, but as of August, only one anthology of their early releases remains.)
Fat Wreck
Finders Keepers http://www.finderskeepersrecords.com/
Greenleaf Music (Dave Douglas's label)
The Helen Scarsdale Agency http://www.helenscarsdale.com/
Infraction http://www.infractionrecords.com/ (Only 1 release as of 6/24)
Kanine Records (Only 1 release as of 7/1)
Kontrans http://staalplaat.com/kontrans
Label Musikfabrik
Labrador Records
Metal Blade (UK)
Mexican Summer & sister labels Kemado/Software/Anthology (all US). [Only two releases on the US side at present. Though this issue may reflect a distributor issue, given its availability in the UK and relative absence in the US. However, this family of labels was fully available in the US up until the changeover, including releases up through 2017.]
Minus (Plastikman, Hawtin etc) http://www.m-nus.com/
Moozak http://www.moozak.org/releases.html
Nettwerk (US & UK) - An odd case. It was one of the labels mentioned in the original update from eMusic. At that time, we were told, “Technical Issues - Not getting pricing. Following up with Technical team.” But this catalog has only gradually shrank since the initial update. As of the end of June, they were down to only two releases at eMusic, and as of July 1st, zero. As of July 24th, they are still fully MIA from eMusic, at least, on the US side of things. Weirder still: they were fully returned to the UK as of July 13. But as of August 5th, they seem to have evaporated from the UK. Again. So... make of all that what you will.
New West (might be multiple labels with that same name)
Nuclear Blast
OgreOgress http://ogreogress.com/
Real World
ReR Megacorp and ReR USA (Chris Cutler) http://www.rermegacorp.com/
Rock Action (UK)
Roedelius Musik
Ronin Rhythm Records
Rounder (Distributed by a major??)
Saddle Creek
Setanta Songs/Setanta Records
Shiin https://www.shiiin.com/accueil.php?L=fr
Soul Note
Sub Pop
Topic Records
Trost Records http://www.trost.at/
Thrill Jockey
Unit Circle Rekkids
Winter and Winter (UK)
1631 (Rapidly shrinking catalog noted, but this seems to be happening with their content on other digital providers, like iTunes and Amazon. They may be shifting to a Bandcamp-only policy.)
20/20/20 (only 3 releases)
American Laundromat (incomplete catalog)
ATO (missing everything after 2015)
BGO Records (only 16 albums appear from catalog)
Bpitch Control (missing 2017 content, newest Ellen Allien)
Cherry Red (only a few 2017 releases; most catalog AWOL)
Dekorder http://www.dekorder.com/ (1 album left)
Don't Be Afraid
Erased Tapes (not up to date, missing 2017 content)
Fluid Audio (only 2 albums)
French Kiss Records (incomplete; also split in its listing as a couple of different spellings: frenchkiss records, French Kiss, French Kiss Records)
Hobbledehoy Records (Only 8 albums, not updated past 2016)
Metal Blade (US) (nothing post-2013)
Red House Records (Only releases by the Zombies; missing Greg Brown, other Americana content)
Rock Action Records (US) (5 releases as of 6/24)
Saint Marie Records (Mostly complete, but a few 2017 releases, such as from Lotte Kestner, Secret Shine, and Amusement Parks on Fire, are missing as of 8/27. This may be an evolving picture though, because the new releases from Carta and Crash City Saints were missing only the previous week, and they are now available).
Sanctuary (limited to Mick Jagger's solo albums, a Kinks anthology, and two others)
Scat (Only a few releases).
Shanachie (4 albums on 3 different versions of Shanachie's name, but nothing recent)
Stones Throw (Only 1 release left)
Subconscious Communications http://www.subconsciousrecords.com/ (1 album left: https://www.emusic.com/label/38119/Subconscious-CommunicationsNettwerk )
Time Released Sound (Only one album from 2016; no 2017 releases)
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E-Harmony Dating Video 'eCompanion' Dating Service (eHarmony Spoof) Complaint filed against Eharmony. The service is not worth the time or the money they charge. Dating miyembro ng NPA, nagsagawa ng peace rally sa Mawab ... StalkingStuffers.com - eHarmony to eeek!Harmony eHarmony: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - YouTube eHarmony Speed Dating - Commercial - YouTube Dating Service Commercial (Jon Lajoie) - YouTube E-harmony-The perfect dating site to find your soul mate! eHarmony Contact Phone Number  Customer Service Telephone ...

eHarmony Dating Service Christian Dating Services Plus

  1. E-Harmony Dating Video
  2. 'eCompanion' Dating Service (eHarmony Spoof)
  3. Complaint filed against Eharmony. The service is not worth the time or the money they charge.
  4. Dating miyembro ng NPA, nagsagawa ng peace rally sa Mawab ...
  5. StalkingStuffers.com - eHarmony to eeek!Harmony
  6. eHarmony: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - YouTube
  7. eHarmony Speed Dating - Commercial - YouTube
  8. Dating Service Commercial (Jon Lajoie) - YouTube
  9. E-harmony-The perfect dating site to find your soul mate!
  10. eHarmony Contact Phone Number Customer Service Telephone ...

In today's world, having a partner is quite necessary as the lifestyle nowadays is hectic. You need a partner who can support you in a hard time and give you the love and affection you actually ... In response to the new internet dating rave we have developed what can only be described 'Pure Excellence' Music by Natalie Cole. Featuring: Roff Grimes Leigh Anne Richman Directed/Edited by: Taylor Engel Produced by: Dale Fagan Copywriters: Taylor Engel, Blake Engel, Andrew Stepp D.P/C... Whilst 888-819-8444 is eHarmony's best toll-free number, there are 3 total ways to get touching them. The next best way procedure their customer support team... www.jonlajoie.com starring Erin Stack www.erinstack.com and Jon Lajoie written and directed by Jon Lajoie camera by Brandon Dermer For our full eHarmony review, check out: http://www.consumer-rankings.com/dating/eharmonyreview/ eHarmony claims to take a scientific approach to match makin... Stalking men are delivered to unsuspecting women in large gift boxes! Comedic parody of eHarmony/online dating service ads. This is the official YouTube Channel of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation’s Eagle News Service. Visit and subscribe to Eagle News You Tube channel to view the l... Dinetta Washington does a dating service video in hopes to find a new husband. Very Funny! Before you sign up for this service, please listen to my complaint and also do yourself a favor, Google 'Eharmony Complaints'. They will not refund your money if you have a legitimate complaint ...